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General Type Industrial Dehumidifier

General Type Dehumidifier is a typical industrial dehumidifier. It could run independently as a dehumidification unit or can be incorporated with air conditioning system or other air control system as an air dehumidification monoblock. With its excellent feature of simple structure, stable operation, large capacity , the General Type Dehumidifier has become ideal dehumidification equipment for various environment.

FDR-A/B Dehumidifier:

FDR-A/B series Dehumidifier is the dedicated equipment for all kinds of clean environment such as chemical industry, electronic industry, pharmaceutical industry etc. It regulates both air purity level and temperature & humidity within a large range. Feature: Nice appearance, flexible configuration, high regulation accuracy, energysaving. FDR-A/B series Dehumidifier is also an explosionproof dehumidifier for special working condition.

FDR-C Blasting & Painting Dehumidifier

FDR-C Blasting & Painting Dehumidifier is the dedicated equipment for blasting & painting in heavy industry. It is widely applied in large equipment manufacturing industry such as automobile, shipbuilding. With its solid structure, easy to maintain, large dehumidification capacity feature, it can be used in high temperature & humidity costal environment. Configuring international famous brand screw or scroll type compressor and high performance silica gel desiccant wheel, the FDR-C Blasting & Painting Dehumidifier contains three working modes: summer mode , winter mode , general mode . These seasonal working modes greatly help the end users carrying out blasting & painting regardless of weather.

FDR-D Ultralow Dew Point Dehumidifier

With rapid development of modern high technology, higher standard production climate is demanded. Electronic chip, lithium battery, thermal battery, high explosive production requires ≤-40°C dew point. FDR-C Ultralow Dew Point Dehumidifier is specially designed for supplying high quality dry for above industries. The dehumidifier configures both silica gel and molecular sieve desiccant wheel, processing the air to -70°C dew point effectively. The advanced energy-saving technology saves 30% energy consumption compared with the same level equipment.

FDR-E Glass Laminating Dehumidifier

FDR-E Glass Laminating Dehumidifier is designed for glass laminating workshop. It controls the air condition of glass laminating workshop within 20°C +/-2°C , 20%+/-3%. The dehumidifier adopts air cooling refrigeration system, controls the temperature & humidity in a small fluctuation. Its compact structure and quiet, simple operation features wins extensive application in not only glass laminating industry but also other similar industries.
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