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Some of our completed projects are mentioned below


  • Complex & Masjid of Hazrat Data Gunj Bukhash (R.A) lahore.                                      14 Million PKR
  • Savoey Hotel Lahore.                                                                                                    13 Million PKR
  • Arslan Hatchery (Rahim Yar Khan)                                                                                60 Million PKR
  • Office Building Caterpiller(CAT) Multan                                                                         3.5 Million PKR

  • Operation & Maintenance “HVAC SYSTEM” Steam Operated Absorption Chiller           (1200 RT)Installed at Sheikh Zayed Hospital Lahore.
  • Operation & Maintenance “HVAC SYSTEM” Direct fired Absorption Chiller/ Heater       (550 RT) Installed at ARSLAN HATCHERY Rahim Yar Khan.
  • Operation & Maintenance “HVAC SYSTEM” Direct fired Absorption Chiller/ Heater       (1100 RT) Installed at Complex & Masjid Hazrat Data Gunj Bukhsh.

  • Supply of Air Cooled Water Chiller at Gulbahar 96,500 USD Centre Kabul Afghanistan Capacity 230RT
  • Supply & Installation of Chiller ,AHU’s Central 400,000 USD Heating System Capacity 120 RT at EHSU
    AGHA Khan Foundation Hospital Faizabad Badakhshan Afghanistan
  • 200 bedded WWF surgical Hospital “Sukkur” HVAC (1600 RT) work                             320 million PKR
  • HVAC Work of new Parliament Lodges Islamabad,                                                          9.6 Million PKR

  • Operation & Maintenance of “HVAC SYSTEM” Direct fired Absorption Chiller/ Heater (1100 RT)
    Installed at Complex and Masjid Hazard Data Gunj Bukhsh (R.A) from the year 2001- Till to date.
  • Operation & Maintenance Of “HVAC SYSTEM” Vapor Compression System 1650 RT System
    (carrier USA three chillers, 550RT each) Installed at Multan International Airport Project, Multan
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